Too whit too whoo !

A perfectly ordinary day/blog 12

Birdsong …….just a word but the last few weeks I have taken the time to listen to the birds.It adds to the spring like feeling.I have to admit my knowledge of birds is very limited and I do feel quite ignorant about just the ordinary british garden birds.This little knowledge is worse when it comes to birdsong…..I truly think I can only recognise the hoot of an owl ,and then I don’t know what kind of owl.My first teaching job was in Walker Comprehensive a real inner city school and yet I was amazed at how many of the boys had an avid interest in the individual sounds birds make.We used to go on outward bound weeks away to Lancashire and they could distinguish the birds by hearing their singing ,it was very impressive.Today in trying to make my ordinary day more perfect ,I sat outside and listened to the birds ,I closed my eyes and concentrated and was fascinated by the chirping and tonal range .I did feel I was listening in on a good old gossip , it also made me feel really restful and calm.

I hope you are having a perfectly ordinary day .Please shareImage