Video – Sandcasting – 2014


Focus – 2014

‘Focus’ considers how we view the world through different lenses, whether the lenses in spectacles, the lens of a camera or the lens of the human eye.

Combining vintage cameras with free blown glass and high-fired decals, the cameras provide a sense of nostalgia. The blown glass bubble emerges from the lens of the camera with fired on photographic images taken from the Sunderland Eye Infirmary.

Time Honoured – 2013

Apprentices historically served a seven year apprenticeship and in all crafts each craftsperson would have their own set of tools. Through this work it is intended to honour the tools that have given a life time of service and supported the owner in their creations.


Achavanich Interpretations  – 2013

This work embodies a fusion of social interaction with dramatic Scottish coastal landscape. From reflecting on happy memories, distilling these down I realised that many focussed on holiday times. As a child holidays were always taken at the seaside and this remains my favoured destination.

The word seaside conjures up so many visual images, what I find compelling is the sea. The reflection of light, variety of colours and the movement of the water. No wave or movement is ever the same. My passion for glass triggers similar memories of the sea.

My main inspiration for this piece was a result of a masterclass with James Maskrey at Northlands Creative Glass. Studies of the dramatic landscape, in particular the Achavanich standing stones and the turbulent coastal waters inspired these sculptural forms. My colour preference was for the moody ultramarine and grey tones. I did not a literal interpretation of a wave but through sculpting the glass to create a sense of movement.

The work uses a variation of Murrini technique, gathering coloured glass, elongating it and slicing it when cooled. The form is encased in hot glass and then sculpted using a variety of tools.