A perfectly ordinary day/blog 14

I have already touched upon that whilst studying in a creative area ,it has the impact of making the world seem new ,I feel I look at things in more detail ,particularly from a visual point of view.Through doing this degree I do feel that my senses are being re-awakened.Today I am particularly thinking of smell ,perhaps the poor relation in the sensory family.It is very easy for me to identify the smells that bring me most pleasure;freshly cut grass,the ozone of the sea,freesia flowers perfume,cake baking in the oven and a roast cooking slowly in the oven.These smells are more universal many might enjoy them,at a personal level ,my son is returning home to live and having brought the first of several carloads ,I am intoxicated by the overpowering smell of Fierce aftershave,his favourite,it made me smile because just the smell of it makes me think of him.Smell can be a very comforting sense too.I was twenty two when my father died,I was so lucky to have known and be loved by such a lovely man,it took my mother and I several months to sort out his things.I can vividly recall opening his wardrobe door and breathing in the very essence of him,closing my eyes I could almost imagine he was there.I found it comforting.My father in law who served in the war had lost his sense of smell,which led to many a pan of burnt bacon.What would be your favourite smell? At the moment I am baking chocolate brownies for my sons return and Tim and Paul at Uni who are stars.The natural perfume of flowers ,lily of the valley ,freesias,roses,carnations and sweet peas the temptresses of the flower world .

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A perfectly ordinary day/blog 13

I am a list maker! Are you ? I love making lists it soothes my soul and I feel brings order and calm to my life……….but there is always a but,the making of a list is really the easy part ,it is completing what is on the list in a time schedule which is the true challenge.I have spent the morning making a list for the next month in order to plan my final piece of work and all the additional work required to support it.This is a list I must complete! As I have got older I have written more lists mainly because so many ideas and things to do are bobbing around in my brain.I need to take a deep breath and plan and prioritise.Often easier said than done.I began my life as a teacher and did and still do love that job,my first post was in a challenging inner city school and I loved it .I had no problems in establishing discipline ,from this post I went on to work in more specialist schools where young people struggled to manage their behaviour. I was and remain passionate about working in this area.My greatest challenge was not with any of these teenagers but teaching a reception class in an ordinary primary school,after working for eight years I was setting up a Nurture Group in a primary school and offered to release the class teachers to do some preparation. Well as Julia Roberts says in Pretty Woman BIG MISTAKE ! I thought I as a good teacher but I lacked experience of teaching a class of thirty four to five year olds, it felt like being in a class with thirty Andrex puppies ,adorable but they all wanted my attention instantly.Similar feelings occur when I feel I have lots to do ,and then I make a list.Sometimes I put on things like have a cup of coffee,when I complete a task I tick it as done.My friend Emma says that her Mum advises her to start the list with two things already completed.Thinking about a perfectly ordinary day ,I thought it would be lovely to have a to do list of nice things not just chores ,which are mainly what my to do lists are.So here would be a nice to do list for me.

1. Read a really good book

2.Have a piece of memorable cake (thinking Nigella Lawson here )

3.Sew a quilt square

4.Go out for breakfast (not to McDonalds)

5.Have a good laugh ( with friends or a great comedy show )

This might be  a to do list post degree.What would your perfect list look like? Or do you hate lists?

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A perfectly ordinary day/blog 12

Birdsong …….just a word but the last few weeks I have taken the time to listen to the birds.It adds to the spring like feeling.I have to admit my knowledge of birds is very limited and I do feel quite ignorant about just the ordinary british garden birds.This little knowledge is worse when it comes to birdsong…..I truly think I can only recognise the hoot of an owl ,and then I don’t know what kind of owl.My first teaching job was in Walker Comprehensive a real inner city school and yet I was amazed at how many of the boys had an avid interest in the individual sounds birds make.We used to go on outward bound weeks away to Lancashire and they could distinguish the birds by hearing their singing ,it was very impressive.Today in trying to make my ordinary day more perfect ,I sat outside and listened to the birds ,I closed my eyes and concentrated and was fascinated by the chirping and tonal range .I did feel I was listening in on a good old gossip , it also made me feel really restful and calm.

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A perfectly ordinary day/blog 11

Variety is the spice of life or so the saying goes.This really hit home to me over the last few days,when I started this blog we had beautiful sun shine days ,this seems to lift everyones mood .The last few days have been very foggy ,which as you know when I was young I wanted a foggy day.Therefore I am happy embracing the fog ,misty ,magical,other worldly,ghostly and secretive look at some of the lovely words you can use about fog.However in England we are obsessed about the weather it is a common topic of conversation.I have noticed how many people have complained about the fog and so I appreciated how that could “dampen” my enthusiasm.Yet what it has made me feel, having tried to look more at the perfectly ordinary day, is to embrace the diverse range of weather we have in England.We might all love a cloudless sunny sky  but would we really love 365 days of it I don’t think so.I love the different weather we have ,hail is exciting and noisy,fresh fallen snow is so beautiful and muffles the world in it’s blanket of white.

What made my day especially lovely though was an amazing bacon sandwich , bought from a cafe,the smell,the pillowy safe white bread bun,delicious.

Hopefully you should see a lovely picture of the sky.

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A perfectly ordinary day/blog 10

Thinking of the simple things that can make your ordinary day a bit more perfect ,I was thinking of fruit and vegetables. The perfect fruit the smell of it, the taste of it ,strawberries,peaches and grapefruit spring to my mind.I miss as a child ,a visit to the greengrocers which always had an earthy smell,the rows of fruit and veg. all neatly displayed. Then things were very seasonal and naturally more locally sourced . I hate now how everything is chilled, it’s like we are all members of Frosty the snowman’s family ,when buying from the supermarket.I love when you go to farmer’s markets and markets abroad ,the irregular shaped fruit and veg ,and feel, particularly with tomatoes how I love the taste of them warmed by the sun.

What would be your seasonal fruit and vegetable favourite ?

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