A perfectly ordinary day/blog 13

I am a list maker! Are you ? I love making lists it soothes my soul and I feel brings order and calm to my life……….but there is always a but,the making of a list is really the easy part ,it is completing what is on the list in a time schedule which is the true challenge.I have spent the morning making a list for the next month in order to plan my final piece of work and all the additional work required to support it.This is a list I must complete! As I have got older I have written more lists mainly because so many ideas and things to do are bobbing around in my brain.I need to take a deep breath and plan and prioritise.Often easier said than done.I began my life as a teacher and did and still do love that job,my first post was in a challenging inner city school and I loved it .I had no problems in establishing discipline ,from this post I went on to work in more specialist schools where young people struggled to manage their behaviour. I was and remain passionate about working in this area.My greatest challenge was not with any of these teenagers but teaching a reception class in an ordinary primary school,after working for eight years I was setting up a Nurture Group in a primary school and offered to release the class teachers to do some preparation. Well as Julia Roberts says in Pretty Woman BIG MISTAKE ! I thought I as a good teacher but I lacked experience of teaching a class of thirty four to five year olds, it felt like being in a class with thirty Andrex puppies ,adorable but they all wanted my attention instantly.Similar feelings occur when I feel I have lots to do ,and then I make a list.Sometimes I put on things like have a cup of coffee,when I complete a task I tick it as done.My friend Emma says that her Mum advises her to start the list with two things already completed.Thinking about a perfectly ordinary day ,I thought it would be lovely to have a to do list of nice things not just chores ,which are mainly what my to do lists are.So here would be a nice to do list for me.

1. Read a really good book

2.Have a piece of memorable cake (thinking Nigella Lawson here )

3.Sew a quilt square

4.Go out for breakfast (not to McDonalds)

5.Have a good laugh ( with friends or a great comedy show )

This might be  a to do list post degree.What would your perfect list look like? Or do you hate lists?

I hope you have a perfectly ordinary day do share x.ImageImage

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