A perfectly ordinary day/blog 10

Thinking of the simple things that can make your ordinary day a bit more perfect ,I was thinking of fruit and vegetables. The perfect fruit the smell of it, the taste of it ,strawberries,peaches and grapefruit spring to my mind.I miss as a child ,a visit to the greengrocers which always had an earthy smell,the rows of fruit and veg. all neatly displayed. Then things were very seasonal and naturally more locally sourced . I hate now how everything is chilled, it’s like we are all members of Frosty the snowman’s family ,when buying from the supermarket.I love when you go to farmer’s markets and markets abroad ,the irregular shaped fruit and veg ,and feel, particularly with tomatoes how I love the taste of them warmed by the sun.

What would be your seasonal fruit and vegetable favourite ?

Have a perfectly ordinary day and do share xImage

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